Overweight-it might not be your fault!

According to the CDC four out of ten Americans are obese. Obesity is often the cause of multiple comorbid and chronic medical conditions including type 2 diabetes, some cancers, and heart disease. A staggering four million people die each year because of obesity according to the World Health Organization. Why the increase? I believe it is environmental factors primarily. Individuals can make a choice and work with a health coach to learn how to make healthier diet and lifestyle choices.

The amount of processed foods consumed today is at an increased level. A lot of the time the individual is unaware that what they are eating is bad for them. Some foods are obviously bad for us. Some examples are soda, sugar-sweetened coffee, ice cream, pizza, chips, French fries, donuts, and cookies. How about other foods? These can be fruit juices as most of the commercial brands contain just as much sugar as soda. There is also a high rise in convenience foods like canned soup, fish sticks, frozen dinners, and packaged meals that are highly processed. There are processed meats like hot dogs, deli meat, beef jerky, pepperoni, bologna, sausage, and canned meat. There are many sweetened dairy products like flavored yogurt, ice cream, popsicles, frozen yogurt, and milk-based drinks. There are the go-to snacks like chips, crackers, pretzels, and microwave popcorn. There are also protein bars, granola bars, cookies, pastries, and puddings. These foods are high in added sugar, fat, and calories. Deli meat also contributes to high cholesterol. Yet most people think of it as being healthy.

Then there are growth hormones in our food today. Growth hormones are used in the food supply to increase production and lower costs. These hormones are found in dairy and meat. However, the use of growth hormones in food production is banned in the European Union. To lower your exposure to growth hormones, choose organic when possible.

We also have pesticides in our produce, hormones in our dairy and antibiotics in our meat. Plus, nitrates are added to meat to preserve them and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. It is best to buy organic and nitrate free foods whenever possible.

These chemicals that are commonly found in our food today are contributing to the obesity problem. You might be one of those people trying to eat healthy foods and exercising and still finding you weigh more than you want. Fast food is also readily available and people in general are busy looking for an easy meal.

Stress is also a factor in obesity today. People have higher demands on themselves. We must actively work on self-care to help combat these stresses.

The good news is that through good nutrition you can combat obesity issues and be healthier to keep from the diseases that develop. Our livers are taxed more than ever. The chemicals often end up in fat because the liver cannot keep up. Eating real food, practicing self-care, and reducing stress can be a huge health boost. It is important to know what super foods to eat to help maintain a healthy weight. You can in fact be at your desired weight. It takes knowledge of knowing what is happening today with obesity. I am telling you it is not your fault. Doing more intensive cardio is not the answer to your weight loss journey. It is in the food you eat. It is your answer to your weight loss and your medicine. Also, you need to reduce stress.

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Hot Topics

Overweight-it might not be your fault!

According to the CDC four out of ten Americans are obese. Obesity is often the cause of multiple comorbid and chronic medical conditions including type